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Promoting Senior’s employment and self employment

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Everywhere in Europe, the population is aging with an enormous intellectual capacity, an enormous experience in various fields of activity but which is confronted with a harassing management of the end of career which does not promote the employability of seniors. We firmly believe that it is time to bring educational resources and tools to seniors so that they can face this digital transition and be able to undertake.

Training programme

This program is developed to support the transformation from traditional entrepreneurship to digital entrepreneurship

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Module 1 – Digital Literacy

This module provides content on how to navigate online, search the internet, share files, and digital security.

Module 2 – Digital Learning & Training
This module covers Basic and factual knowledge of the importance of digital learning and training in the technological age and practical knowledge of platforms to improve digital literacy skills

Module 3 – Digital Tools in Business
This module identifies foundational and digital marketing platforms to improve seniors’ ability to manage their online business through meetings and digital prospecting.

Module 4 – Digital Marketing & Communication
Use this module to gain insights to confidently tackle your own marketing development. You’ll learn how to develop your own marketing innovations, ready to implement these within your own business. Within this innovation, you’ll create actionable targets for clear direction and learn how to identify your target audience to increase conversion. By the end of this module, you will have the skills and confidence to create, deploy, and monitor your digital marketing content.

Module 5 – Creation of an Online Business
In this first part of module 5, we will show you how to plan an online shop. We will explain the first important steps and will offer you different technical option getting your own online shop in place.

Module 6 – Operation(s) of an Online Business
Learning how to manage your business online is the best way to make sure your business is successful. Managing your business means not only managing your money and risks, but also your own capabilities and skills. Taking some time to learn new digital skills, and how to manage your money and risks, will allow you to become a successful online business owner and leader! In this module you will learn: How to create a business plan; The importance of financial management and risk assessment; How to invest in yourself to improve your business; and, The importance of maintaining your health and stress levels when running an online business.

Infographics Kit

An infographic resource kit to help digitally prepare seniors for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Infographic resources are interactive and require digital skills. The kit is a toolkit consisting of 30 interactive infographics (5 per country) on the topic of digital readiness providing an appropriate and effective framework for developing key digital skills for senior adult learners and senior entrepreneurs. Each infographic is a set of 4 elements: 


– An introductory/explanatory video to present the topic addressed in the interactive infographic and to describe the context of the digital resources contained in the poster

– An interactive quiz or puzzle based test

– A Digital Breakout challenge based learning resource that will include up to 4 individual challenges to develop key skills or a WebQuest 

– A call to action this element will invite senior entrepreneurs from each partner country to undertake a business related activity to progress along their entrepreneurial journey.

Case Studies / Videos

Inspirational and awareness raising short stories (videos) will be developed during the project. These videos will allow us to launch an awareness campaign aimed at the general public of the partner countries, combating stereotypes and the problems of aging society.